CrV Straight Clean Cut Jig Saw Blade

Straight clean cuts through wood.

More Details

  • BiM fine and coarse tooth blades for use on steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and wood with nails.
  • CrV Skeleton™ blades for fast and clean straight cuts through wood.
  • CrV double-sided blades for fast curve cuts through wood and clean curve cuts through wood/laminated wood.
  • CrV blades for fast straight, clean straight, fast curve, and clean curve cuts through general wood.

Product Specifications

Cut Style:
Clean Straight
Wood/Laminated Wood
Chrome Vanadium (CrV)


Reciprocating jig saw blades can cause lacerations or puncture wounds. Kick back may occur if power tool instructions are not followed. Always wear a mask to prevent inhalation of dust and debris. Wear safety glasses and protective apparel to prevent injury from flying debris. Check the blade before use in the power tool – if excessive wear is present, the blade is bent, cracked or damaged, replace blade before use. Important instructions and warnings are contained in the tool owner’s manual – please refer to the power tool owner’s manual before using the tool with this tool. Failure to heed all safety instructions, warnings, and in-use recommendations by the power tool manufacturer regarding the use of the jig saw and blade could result in serious bodily injury.