Adapters & Extensions

Torsion bit holders

  • Torsion design easily smooths the extreme power of impacting drivers
  • A powerful magnet secure fasteners for reliable 1/4-in bit driving

Magnetic Bit Extensions

  • All steel design is reliable in the most demanding driving applications
  • A powerful magnet securely holds 1/4-in impact bits
  • 1/4-In impact rated hex shank for demanding jobs

Quick Change Bit Extensions

  • Quick change 1/4-in is reliable in the most demanding driving applications
  • Auto-spring ejection ensures 1/4-in bits are never stuck in this bit holder
  • 3/8-in hex shank for demanding jobs


Torsion bit holders

Spyder bit holders are impact rated for demanding high torque 1/4-in impacting applications. A powerful magnet retains fasteners for enhanced driving accuracy and one-handed ease of use. These heavy duty tool steel bit holders are engineered for use in impact drivers, and can also be used in standard rotary drills with a 3-jaw chuck. A low profile design makes these drivers ideal for confined area use and a progressive torsion zone actively flexes to dissipate peak impact forces preventing fastener recess damage and tip breakage.


Quick Change Bit Extensions

Spyder quick change bit holders are the durable solution for rapid bit changes in high power rotary drill motors with a 3-jaw chuck. A 3/8” quick change connector securely holds 1/4” hex shank driver bits and extensions for enhanced driving accuracy and one-handed ease of use. When the bit needs to be changed, simply pull back on the knurled sleeve and bits are auto-spring ejected, ensuring bits will not become stuck in the bit holder.



To reduce the risk of injury, read the instruction manual and follow the safety regulations of the power tool you will be using with your Spyder accessory. Use personal protective equipment. Always wear eye protection. Protective equipment such as non-skid safety shoes, protective apparel and hearing protection should be used in appropriate conditions to reduce the risk of personal injury. WARNING: Operating the tool without wearing proper protection may result in serious injury. To reduce the risk of explosion, electric shock, and property damage, always check the work area for hidden gas pipes, electrical wires, and water pipes before driving fasteners. Before each use, check that the bit is free from damage and excessive wear. Discard bit if damage is noticed or suspected as this can cause the bit to shatter or break and can create dangerous flying debris and/or create other unsafe situations that may cause injury. Use a driver bit of the correct shape and size for your fastener. To prevent slipping and/or stripping of the fastener head, apply ample pressure to the bit and keep it perfectly in-line with the fastener. Do not use to pry or chisel.