Stinger™ Power Bits™

  • Bores faster with less torque — excellent for fast, clean, precise applications
  • Up to 40x faster and 25x more holes per charge than conventional spade bits
  • Create the fastest and cleanest entry and exit holes
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Power Bit™ Sizes

6-1/2″ LENGTH

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The Spyder Stinger™ Power Bit™ bores up to 40x faster and with 50% less torque than conventional woodboring bits, making it ideal for fast, clean, precise applications using both low- and high-torque cordless drills. Featuring Stinger’s patent pending non-clogging, auto-feed tip technology, the Power Bit™ won’t wander, allowing for no-thrust drilling. Power Bit™ holes are extremely clean and burr-free, making them excellent for precise applications in hardwood, drilling through holes in laminated wood materials, and for stud drilling applications where wire will be pulled. The Spyder Power Bit™ makes clean holes like a Forstner bit while its auger-like flutes allow deep hole drilling. Not for use in wood with nails, screws, staples or other foreign objects.

  • Up to 40x faster than conventional spade bits
  • Up to 25x more holes per charge than conventional spade bits
  • Create extremely clean entry and exit holes
  • Up to 50% less drilling torque than other threaded wood boring bits
  • Use on high or low torque drills – drill more holes, save battery power
  • Impact-ready with 1/4″ speed hex
  • Ideal for use on soft and hard woods, laminated wood and particle boards

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To reduce the risk of injury, read the instruction manual and follow the safety regulations of the power tool you will be using with your Spyder accessory. Use personal protective equipment. Always wear eye protection. Protective equipment such as a dust mask, non-skid safety shoes, protective apparel and hearing protection should be used in appropriate conditions to reduce the risk of personal injury. WARNING: Operating the tool without wearing proper protection may result in serious injury. To reduce the risk of explosion, electric shock, and property damage, always check the work area for hidden gas pipes, electrical wires, and water pipes when making blind and/or plunge cuts. Before each use, check that the drill bit is free from damage and excessive wear. Discard drill bit if damage is noticed or suspected as this can cause the bit to shatter or break and can create dangerous flying debris and/or create other unsafe situations that may cause injury. Only drill materials that are listed on the package. Use a drill motor that is equipped with a support handle. Start cutting with a light forward pressure.

WOOD-BORING DRILL BITS ARE NOT TO BE USED IN HAMMER MODE! Only drill in rotary drilling mode. Drilling in hammer mode can cause the drill bit to become damaged/broken and can increase the likelihood of user injury due to dangerous flying debris or other unsafe situations.