• Provides both speed and precision to make your job easy
  • Up to 10x faster than conventional hand removal
  • Powers through any grout in a fraction of the time – including urethane and epoxy


Joints 1/16″ – 3/16″ in width
Joints 3/16″ – 3/4″ in width


Grinding it out can take less time than you think. Spyder Grout-Out™ provides both speed and precision to make your job easy – whether you’re replacing just one tile or all of them. Spyder’s Grout-Out™ reciprocating saw attachment quickly removes grout lines faster than hand removal or small-stroke oscillating tools. Ideal for large demolition projects or for single-tile replacements. Always use attachment parallel to the work surface – holding the reciprocating saw with the handle pointing away from the work surface may enable the attachment to become more parallel to the work surface, resulting in better tool operation.

  • Up to 10x faster than hand removal.
  • Vacuum-braised tungsten carbide grit quickly removes grout.
  • Powers through any grout in a fraction of the time – including urethane and epoxy.
  • Fits all reciprocating saws.


To reduce the risk of injury, read the instruction manual and follow the safety regulations of the power tool you will be using with your Spyder accessory. Use personal protective equipment. Always wear eye and respiratory protection. Protective equipment such as hearing protection, non-skid safety shoes, and protective apparel should be used in appropriate conditions to reduce the risk of personal injury. WARNING: Operating the tool without wearing proper protection may result in serious injury. Reciprocating blades can cause lacerations and puncture wounds. To reduce the risk of explosion, electric shock, and property damage, always check the work area for hidden gas pipes, electrical wires, and water pipes when making blind and/or plunge cuts. Before each use, make sure the blade is unbent and check the blade for wear, cracks, and other damage. Do not use an excessively worn or damaged blade as this can cause blade binding, kickback, create dangerous flying debris and/or create other unsafe situations that may cause injury.

GROUT-OUT™ RECIPROCATING BLADES ARE NOT TO BE USED IN ORBITAL MODE! Only use blades with straight reciprocating (non-orbital) action. Using the power tool in orbital mode can cause loss of control, damage the blade and the workpiece, and can increase the likelihood of user injury due to dangerous flying debris, tool kickback, and other unsafe situations.