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Circular Saw Blade features

  • Ultra tough NiCo (nickel cobalt) cutting teeth provide exceptionally clean cuts
  • Interfused anti-friction coating protects against heat, gumming and corrosion
  • Polymer stabilization vents reduce noise and vibrations

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To reduce the risk of serious injury, always wear proper eye, ear, and respiratory protection, and other PPE. Before each use, check that the blade is sharp and free from cracks, loose teeth, missing teeth, broken teeth, or any other damage. Do not use if the blade is dull or any damage is noticed or suspected. Carbide is a hard but brittle material. Foreign objects in the workpiece such as wire or nails can cause the carbide tips to crack or break. Only operate saw machine when proper saw blade guard is in place. Mount blade securely in proper rotation before using, and always use a clean, sharp blade. Important instructions and warnings are contained in the tool’s instruction manual – please refer to the power tool’s instruction manual before using the tool with this saw blade. Failure to heed all safety instructions, warnings, and in-use recommendations by the power tool manufacturer regarding the use of the saw machine and saw blades could result in serious bodily injury.