Spyder Scraper™

Carbon steel blade rips through countless surfaces in no time.

  • 2-, 4- and 6-in wide scrapers for precision chiseling and large volume scraping
  • Faster than doing the job by hand – ideal for powered removal of tile, linoleum flooring, mastics, adhesives, linoleum and more

Selection Guide

2″ Spyder Scraper™
4″ Spyder Scraper™
6″ Spyder Scraper™
Spyder Scraper™ Kit – Contains (1) each of 2″, 4″ and 6″


Spyder scrapers make difficult, time consuming, labor intensive scraping tasks easy. Use the 2-in scraper for precision scraping and chiseling, popping tiles and removing thin set. Use the 4-in scraper for general scraping tasks, including removing linoleum flooring and mastics. Use the 6-in scraper for large surface area removal of softer materials like rubber backed carpets. For best results, hold the reciprocating saw at a shallow angle to the work surface to allow the scraper to glide across the work surface. Allow the blade to do the work – applying extra downward pressure may shorten tool life. Made in the USA. 3pc set includes (1) each of 2-, 4- and 6-in Spyder scrapers.

  • Faster than doing the job by hand – ideal for powered removal of tile, linoleum flooring, mastics, adhesives, linoleum and more
  • Fits all reciprocating saws
  • Quenched and tempered high-carbon spring steel retains edge sharpness for added scraping durability
  • Re-sharpenable blade extends tool life
  • Made in the USA


Reciprocating scrapers can cause serious injury, lacerations or puncture wounds. Kick back may occur if power tool instructions are not followed. Always wear a mask to prevent inhalation of dust and debris. Wear safety glasses and protective apparel to prevent injury from flying debris. Check the scraper before use in the power tool – if excessive wear is present, the brush is bent, cracked or damaged, replace brush before use. Important instructions and warnings are contained in the tool owner’s manual – please refer to the power tool owner’s manual before using the tool with this tool. Failure to heed all safety instructions, warnings, and in-use recommendations by the power tool manufacturer regarding the use of the reciprocating saw and scraper could result in serious bodily injury.

NOT INTENDED FOR CONCRETE DEMOLITION – Scraper blade is intended for removing light surface contaminants and is not intended to replace a hammer drill; scraper can bend, break or fracture and may result in increased kick back or user injury if used for any purpose [like concrete demolition, etc] other than removing light surface contaminants.