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4-1/2″ AO Cut & Grind Wheel, 7/8″ Arbor

  • Premium aluminum oxide abrasive provides a fast cut and long service life
  • Type 27 depressed center-profile for offset grinding and flush cuts
  • 7/8-in arbor


Spyder Bite™ aluminum oxide abrasive bonded cut & grind wheels provide fast cuts and quick material removal on mild steel, stainless steel, ferrous metal and cast iron. A reinforced thin kerf design yields more cuts per charge on battery-operated tools and provides extended performance on higher torque plug-in tools.

  • Premium aluminum oxide abrasive provides a fast cut and long service life
  • Type 27 depressed center-profile for offset grinding and flush cuts
  • 7/8-in arbor
  • Contaminant-free construction – meets INOX requirements and contains 0.1% or less of iron, sulfur, and chlorine
  • For use on angle grinders (13,300 RPM max.) to remove mild steel, stainless steel, and various other metals
  • 4.5-in diameter, 7/8-in arbor, 1/8-in thickness, Type 27 depressed center profile

Product Specifications


Aluminum Oxide


Type 27

Arbor Diameter:







Cutting & Grinding

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To reduce the risk of injury, read the instruction manual and follow the safety regulations of the power tool you will be using with your Spyder accessory. Use personal protective equipment. Always wear eye and hearing protection. Protective equipment such as a dust mask, non-skid safety shoes, and protective apparel should be used in appropriate conditions to reduce the risk of personal injury. WARNING: Operating the tool without wearing proper protection may result in serious injury. Exposure to noise can cause hearing loss. Do not use near flammable liquids or in explosive atmospheres, near fumes, gases, or dust. The hot chips or shavings and sparks may ignite the dust or fumes. Remove materials or debris that may become ignited from work area. To reduce the risk of explosion, electric shock, and property damage, always check the work area for hidden gas pipes, electrical wires, and water pipes when making blind and/or plunge cuts. Before each use, check that the blade is sharp, clean, and free from damage. Do not use a dull, dirty, or damaged blade as this may result in kickback, blade pinching, binding or stalling, and loss of control. These situations may cause the power tool to jump back at the operator and can result in a serious injury. Always use blades of the correct size with the correct arbor hole shape and size for your power tool. Blades that do not match the mounting hardware of the power tool will run eccentrically, causing loss of control. To assure proper rotation direction of the saw blade, the arrow direction on the blade must correspond with the arrow direction on the power tool. Mount blade properly with the correct blade washers and bolt for your power tool. Make sure the speed marked on the blade is at least as high as the no-load RPM marked on the power tool. To reduce the risk of injury, never operate the power tool without proper safety guards in place. Beware of ejecting chips as they become hot during cutting.

ONLY USE A METAL-CUTTING BLADE ON A SAW THAT IS DESIGNED FOR METAL CUTTING! Using a metal-cutting blade on a wood-cutting circular saw can result in damage to the saw, damage to the blade, and serious injury to the user.