Stinger™ Spade Bits

[ Stinger™ Spade Bits ]

Won’t Clog, Won’t Wander & Drills Faster than the Competition.


  • Up to 20x faster than conventional spade bits.
  • Up to 10x more holes than conventional spade bits.
  • Automatically engages the work surface for no-thrust drilling.
  • Features innovative non-clogging, automatic-feeding precision
    tip for optimal speed and accuracy.
  • Unlike other spade bits with a self-feeding thread point, our patent pending
    tip won’t clog, won’t wander, and drills faster than the competition.
  • Impact rated for use in battery powered
    impacting tools.
  •  1/4″ Speed Hex won’t slip in the chuck and fits
    quick change impact drivers.
  • Black oxide finish provides increased durability and lubricity.

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Stinger™ Patent Pending Automatic-Feeding Precision Tip Spade Bits Won’t Clog, Won’t Wander & Drills Up to 20x Faster.

Description and Application

Description and Application