Spyder Reciprocating Sander

Tight Spaces, Curved Surfaces and Hard-to-Reach Corners

  • Corner sander for large and small sanding jobs
  • Fits any reciprocating saw
  • Turns your reciprocating saw into a power sander

Selection Guide

Sander with 3 piece corner sandpaper set
Sand tight spaces, curved surfaces and outside and inside corners.


  • Quickly sand tight spaces, curved surfaces and outside and inside corners.
  • Tough insert-molded attachment blade provides maximum durability.
  • Hook-and-loop sandpaper is quick and easy to replace.
  • 3 piece sandpaper set included.
  • Compatible with Mouse™ sandpaper.
  • Fits all reciprocating saws.


Reciprocating tools can cause serious injury. Kick back may occur if power tool instructions are not followed. Always wear a mask to prevent inhalation of dust and debris. Wear safety glasses and protective apparel to prevent injury from flying debris. Check the sander before use in the power tool – if excessive wear is present, the brush is bent, cracked or damaged, replace brush before use. Important instructions and warnings are contained in the tool owner’s manual – please refer to the power tool owner’s manual before using the tool with this tool. Failure to heed all safety instructions, warnings, and in-use recommendations by the power tool manufacturer regarding the use of the reciprocating saw and sander could result in serious bodily injury.