Cut with less heat, more precision and superior durability.




  • Unique blade design
  • Edges of the blade barely touch the sides of the cutting channel
  • Frictional heat is dissipated through notches in the blade
  • The straightest-cutting jigsaw blade on the market
  • Rip-cut notches for highly precise cuts and superior durability
  • Manufactured in Germany
  • Both T-shank and U-shank blades available

"Bought these for cutting 1/4" plexiglass and they seem to do quite well. Less melting, very smooth cuts in the plexiglass and they seem to last longer than the blade I had been using."

- Sowien

"Cutting 1/4" birch plywood was a breeze. First class blades!"

- Charlie

Instructions & Warnings


To minimize the risk of serious injury, always use eye protection and use the blade only on the products listed above for which this blade is designated. To minimize the risk that the blade will shatter or break and injure you during use, inspect the blade prior to each use and replace with a new blade if damaged, bent, cracked or if any segments of the blade are missing. Always follow the safety instructions in your power tool instruction manual.