Spyder Scraper®

[ Spyder Scraper® ]

Its carbon steel blade rips through countless surfaces in no time.


  • Quenched and tempered high-carbon spring steel to retain edge sharpness
  • Fits all reciprocating saws
  • Multiple application uses
  • Re-sharpenable blade

Scraper Selection Guide


Ceramic tile adhesive, Thin-set, Vinyl composition tile, Linoleum, Tough glue, Drywall mud


Linoleum, Tough glue, Drywall mud, Paint, Rubber-backed carpet


Paint, Rubber-backed carpet, Wallpaper

Video demonstrations

"I have owned many different types of scraper tools before, but this is the best yet. I have used it to remove ceramic tile layed in easy-set mortar and they worked great. In the past, I would haul my air compressor and an impact chisel—noisy and messy. This worked much quicker and the pieces came off bigger, meaning less dust."

- Donald Repp

"Awesome tool! Remodeling a home where the old sheet rock had been glued to the outer wall studs. Scraper makes quick work of taking the glue and bits of sheetrock to prep for the new."

- Kelly

"Turned an all-day job into an hour-and-a-half job."

- Apb311

Instructions & Warnings


1. Insert Spyder Scraper® like you would a saw blade.
2. Start on a bare surface holding the saw at a low angle.
3. Use saw at half speed and ease into material.


Sharp blade can cause laceration or puncture wound. Kick back may occur if instructions are not followed. Always wear a mask to prevent inhalation of dust and debris. Wear safety glasses and protective apparel to prevent injury from flying debris. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when operating your power tools. Failure to heed all instructions and warnings can result in serious bodily injury. NOT INTENDED FOR CONCRETE DEMOLITION.